Whether it is your grandmother's secret recipe, fast food, or vegan burgers, you will have no doubt noticed that food trends are constantly evolving and metamorphosing. Consequently, the entire production and communication chain is being transformed to adapt to our desires and push us towards new food trends.

You may not realize it but Instagram is a big influence with your latest unexpected craving.

Preparing a dish has never been so photogenic.

Changes in nutrition are evolving each day since the emergence of food trends on social media. Many culinary trends are emerging on Instagram and other social networks and are are continuing to grow.

Influencers such as @naturallyella, @parigote, @lafoodographe, @alicepages or @mon_insta_diet manage to make foods look photogenic that we had not previously eaten, or seldomly ate. Influencers continue to arouse consumer interest for these forgotten products by creating impressive content.

This is how culinary trends are created and developed worldwide, as François Chevallier explains in an article for Télérama:

“The average food instagrammer connects eighteen times a day on average and consumes four times more content than other communities. In France, more than 300,000 users consult at least one restaurant or food page daily on a photo sharing application."

Is this phenomenon here to stay or is it just a trend?

While these influencers can be great vectors for promoting the food sector, Instagram is also generating new forms of behavior, which is changing the way we eat.

Indeed, many culinary trends have appeared such as, finger foods, fast food, smoothies in jars, or even latte art… All of these trends, although present on Instagram, are competing with perhaps THE biggest trend at the moment, health based foods.

When “healthy” becomes a state of mind.

Whether it's organic, vegetarian, or gluten free, these lifestyles are no longer fads launched by digital influencers, but indeed real trends which are consolidating and intended to be sustainable.

Indeed, currently posts about food on Instagram are overwhelmingly health-oriented with the hashtags appearing such as #Healthy or #Vegan.

According to Linkfluence, on Instagram, food posts associated with sports produced over 707K of content between January 2016 and January 2017. Of these posts, 73.3% of the authors were women between 18 and 34 years old.

A trend that rhymes with obsession?

In recent years, the "healthy" lifestyle has not only continued to grow but has led people, perhaps, developing an obsession as well as judgment of others who do not adhere to this trend.

Gluten free, no lactose, veganism or vegetarianism, and fat free are just some of the health trends that have taken over our plates. It has affected our relationship with what we would consider “unhealthy foods” by injecting us with an unnecessary amount of guilt if we were to consume these foods…

Despite these new trends, Instagram users can sometimes get lost between the quest for pleasure and the quest to well-being.

With over 145.7 million posts mentioning the hashtag “foodporn”, Instagram might be the source for all of our hunger and midnight craving. 

With that said, sweet potato fries, buddha bowls, or quinoa salad anyone?

- Maëlle @YOÔ