To stay close or even to create stronger links with their audiences, many brands acted quickly by launching solidarity initiatives, digital awareness, and appreciation campaigns. For these brands, it was an opportunity to highlight their creativity and their values while consolidating their brand image.


For sports experts, the most relevant way to support your audience has been to maintain a certain intimacy with the values of effort, perseverance, and pushing oneself.

Decathlon published on their site a complete file, entirely dedicated to the quarantine: advice to stay Zen during quarantine, eating healthy, coaching solutions at home, etc. They also provided several sports ideas that one should continue to do, and in addition, daily sports sessions on Instagram Live.

Nike, the leader in sports brands, launched a campaign encouraging its customers and fans to compete with their favorite athletes at home. Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, contributed to the campaign by staging himself on Twitter with the campaign tagline: “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” Many athletes shared the campaign, including Marquinhos, the Paris Saint Germain player.

• Other important players in the sports world have also come forward to create a close bond with their clientele: the gym chains Fitnesspark and Neoness, among others, have ensured a presence with daily sports programs on Instagram.


Great initiatives were organized to encourage the compliance with this measure which, admittedly, is extremely difficult to adhere to, but is necessary to combat the spread of the virus.

• In Thailand, a restaurant asked clients to dine with stuffed pandas in order to adhere to social distancing and to feel less lonely while seated at the table. This was a cute initiative that helped people become more responsible during this health epidemic.

• Given that people could no longer attend dance clubs during the crisis, hundreds of people found themselves in Schüttorf, Germany partying in cars in order to respect the social distance guidelines. Cars could hold up to two people which allowed people to party! Hoelger Boesh, the manager of the biggest German club, organized this drive rave or rave party drive-in.

• On the digital side, the biggest brands have shown themselves to be creative by applying social distancing with humor on the graphic elements of their logos.


The so-called “non-essential” businesses had to be closed during the beginning of the quarantine. Their communications and strategic planning teams, however, understood these new challenges and doubled their creativity to offer digital alternatives that would speak to as many people as possible.

Burger King shared the recipes of its most famous burgers: The Whopper, the Big King, the Steakhouse and the Big Fish. Burger king also ran a special quarantine poster campaign.

Nikon, the Japanese camera maker, launched the CreateyourLight challenge: an invitation to share, to learn from each other, and to tell visual stories. Nikon experts shared tips every two weeks and invited photographers from around the world, amateur or professional, to put these tips into practice and share their creations on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with the hashtag #CreateYourLight and the mention @nikonfr.

• In the same spirit of sharing, thanks to their partnership with France Télévisions, the Paris Opera made certain shows available to the world for free online. Our favorite show, one of the most mysterious, poetic, and creative shows ever seen: Body and Soul, directed and choreographed by Canadian Crystal Pite.


Each day at the 8pm, France applauded for a few minutes to say thanks to the medical staffs that handled the crisis. In addition to our daily applause, we can cite the crowdfunding campaign, "Les Paniers Solidaires," the initiative of KissKissBankBank, accompanied by YOÔ Care. A campaign which made it possible to finance the purchase of basic necessities (food and hygiene) which were directly delivered to caregivers and isolated people via the AP-HP and the French Red Cross, without them having to travel for 3 to 4 days.

Many other solidarity campaigns are currently available on YOÔ Care and continue to facilitate the management of the crisis.

Without a doubt, what we have learned from this period of crisis is that it succeeded in bringing out the best in us, and that each company, in its own way and on its own scale, can find a way to contribute to the construction of a more united world.

- Joy @YOÔ