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News published on 13/06/2019

Few tips to engage even more your community !

In 2019, making stories seem obvious, but having tips on how to make them is much less obvious.

Today, YOÔ decided to share with you all the tips and give you all the little secrets on the app which will allow you to have even more creative and prettier stories.

Here’s some tips which will help you stand out, improve your content and engage more your community !

#1 Use templates

First advice : templates ! You thought it was impossible to use templates in stories? Well, it’s possible !!! By choosing the color, the design, the fonts, you can create something unique and that looks like you.

But where can you find them ? There’s numerous apps compatible with iOS and Android like Unfold, Over, Hype, Type, Quick, or our favorite at YOÔ : Mojo.

#2 Copy paste pictures

Have you ever seen multiple picture in the same story and wondered how that was possible?

Well, there’s nothing faster : copy a picture from your photo library, open the instagram story section, press the screen a few seconds and paste the chosen picture !

You can paste as many photos as you want !

#3 Create a boomerang from a live photo

Breaking news : you don’t need photoshop to create a Boomerang, you can directly make it from your stories !

In order to do that, you must have taken a live photo less than 24 hours ago. Then, just select the photo to put it in your story and long press the photo until the word Boomerang appears and VOILA !

#4 Create an original text

You can do a lot of things with the text tool :

- Create a rainbow text

Type your text, select it, hold the text with one finger and with the other finger open the colors and slide

- Create a text with background colors

Type a letter, take the eyedropper to select the background color you like, then do that for every letter to get a chiseled text and various colors (be careful not to put too many colors as this could be too heavy) !

- Create a 3D and depth effect

All you need to do is type a text of the color of your choice and create a new text box. In this text box, retype the same text. Then superimpose the 2 to create this effect of depth.

#5 Create a color background

Nothing easier : take a photo, press the pen to open the colors, choose one color and press the screen for a few seconds : you now have a nice background of color for your story !

That’s it, you have everything ! The cards are now in your hands to succeed in making original stories that will make your future subscribers want to follow you !

- Caroline @YOÔ

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