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News published on 16/07/2019

When Instagram influences the way you eat…

From the more traditional dishes your grandma might cook for you, to fast-food or even vegan burgers, you’ve probably noticed that food trends are constantly evolving and transforming.

Due to our constantly changing food needs, the whole production and communication chain has to adapt to fit our cravings.

You may not be aware, but Instagram is a big influence in your latest unexpected craving.

Preparing a dish has never been so photogenic.

Nutritional changes are changing more frequently since the outbreak of the food trend on social networks.

Indeed, many culinary trends are appearing on Instagram and are rapidly spreading .

Influencers such as @naturallyella, @parigote, @lafoodographe, @alicepages or @mon_insta_diet managed to make unknown foods or forgotten foods photogenic and generated consumer interest in these forgotten products through an array of neatly produced posts.

This is how culinary trends are created and developed worldwide, François Chevallier explains in an article for Télérama :

“An avid food instagrammer connects eighteen times a day on average and consumes four times more contents than other communities. In France, more than 300 000 users visit at least one restaurant page or food page daily on Instagram.”

So, is this phenomenon here to stay among us or is it just a trend?

While influencers can be great vectors for promoting the food trends, Instagram also generates new behaviors, changing the way we feed ourselves.

Indeed, many food trends have emerged, from finger food to fast food, smoothies in jars or “latte art”… All these trends, although present on Instagram, are competing with THE biggest trend right now, health based foods.

ZOOM : When “healthy” becomes a state of mind

Whether it's organic, vegetal or gluten-free, these different lifestyles are no longer simple trends launched by digital influencers, but rather trends which are here to stay and a want to be sustainable.

Indeed, current food photos on Instagram are overwhelmingly green-focused photos with #Healthy meaning “healthy eating” or #Vegan.

According to Linkfluence, on Instagram, sport and health associated foods are posted at an increasingly large amount, with 707 K posts between January 2016 and January 2017. Women between the age of 18 and 34 women accounted for 73,3% of health related foods.

A trend that rhymes with obsession?

Today, the “health” trend reached such a large scale that sometimes it might sometimes turn into obsession, and put a frown on the faces of those who are out of the loop.

No gluten, no lactose, no animal products, no fat - health trends seized our plates and is affecting our relationship with what, today, we would consider “unhealthy foods”, injecting us with an unnecessary amount of guilt…

Between background trend and simple trend, Instagram’s consumers can sometimes be lost between the quest for pleasure and the quest to well-being.

With over 145,7 millions posts with the “foodporn” hashtag, instagram might well be the source for all of our hunger and midnight cravings… sweet potato fries, buddha bowls or quinoa salad anyone?

- Maëlle @YOÔ

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