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In addition to our online offers, YOÔ can also assist you in your influence campaign.

Analysis, creative and strategic concept, campaign creation, influencer recruitment, campaign monitoring, detailed reports...

A team of influence experts takes care of your campaign from A to Z.
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YOÔ Start


1 campaign
15 influencers
1 channel
Chat access
Simple reporting
Project manager (chat)
Simple influencer data
1 user
179 € HT

companies < 15 employees
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YOÔ Ride


1 campaign/month
30 influencers / campaign
1 channel
Chat access
Simple reporting
Project manager (chat)
Data pushed by Hype Auditor (50 profiles/month)
3 users
549 € HT

a month (3 months minimum)

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2 campaigns/month
50 influencers / campaign
1 channel
Chat access
Detailed report
Project manager (email & phone)
Data pushed by Hype Auditor (100 profiles/month)
5 users
Approved profile info
Report export WIP
One-hour workshop
1500 € HT

per month (6 months minimum)

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1 / month
2 / month
30 / campaign
50 / campaign
Social Media
Chat access
Campaign report
Account manager
Data influencers
Follower audience data
50 profiles/month
100 profiles/month
Approved profile information
Report export

And many more features

Online messaging

Chat directly with influencers taking part in your campaign. Everything takes place on the platform.

Smart matching

Our platform proposes campaigns that match influencers' interests. You save time.

Verified profiles

We work regularly with these profiles. A quality guarantee.

Audience analysis

In order to best select influencers, we provide you with audience analyses.


You can invite your collaborators on the platform. Manage your campaigns with your team.

Intuitive design

Our tool was developed by influence experts. You can build your campaign in a few clicks.

Frequent questions

General questions

YOÔ DO: how does it work?

YOÔ DO is an intuitive and performant tool that gathers 40,000 micro-influencers and allows you to create and manage your influence campaigns easily. Upload your brief, select your favourite profiles, and monitor posts and performances from your dashboard.

How to register on YOÔ DO?

It's fast and easy: indicate some information about your business and off you go, time to create your first campaign! You can then choose your preferred subscription plan.

What kind of campaigns can I create on YOÔ DO?

YOÔ DO allows you to create product placement campaigns on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Which sectors are represented?

YOÔ DO gathers more than 40,000 influencers as well as a multitude of sectors. For example: Sports, DIY, Lifestyle, Decoration, Food, Liquor, Ecology, Cosmetics, Vegan, Culture, Animals, Automobiles...

Can I select micro-influencers?

Yes of course, you approve each profile from the total applications received.

How do I chat with micro-influencers?

Once you have approved an influencer, you will have access to an internal messaging platform that will allow you to chat with them.

How are micro-influencers compensated?

Micro-influencers are not compensated, but they are rewarded with products from your brand. We recommend the reward to have a minimum value of €100/influencer.

How do I monitor my campaign's performance?

You can access all posts and performances directly from your dashboard.

How do products get shipped?

Manage the shipment of your products to influencers independently. You will find all essential information related to shipments (postal addresses, email, phone number...) directly on approved profiles.

Offers and purchases

Which payment methods are supported?

We accept most common credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Do I need to indicate my payment information to register?

No, you can register and customise your first campaign without entering your payment information. However, at the end of this step, you will be requested to enter your payment information in order to launch your campaign.

Are there any additional fees to anticipate?

No, there are no hidden fees. Pricing is defined and set for your plan's features.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription from your dashboard. The cancellation will be taken into account at the end of your commitment period.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes, you can switch plans from your dashboard. If you upgrade your plan, the change is immediate and the current month's rate will be calculated pro rata. If you downgrade your plan, the change will be taken into account at the end of your commitment period.

Other questions?

Contact us if you need more information: hello@yoo.paris

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