Get your community involved in causes you care about, and make them want to take action with you!

Want to make a difference? YOÔ Care offers you to choose and support the causes you already embody every day, to give you the opportunity to talk about them and raise awareness in your community.

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Environment, zero waste, animal protection, health... So many topics which everyone can advocate for at their own scale.

Social media can be used to raise awareness, call for solidarity or even foster action: you have a community that follows you because it subscribes to your values and the message you convey, don't miss this opportunity!

With YOÔ Care, we introduce you to associations and their projects - choose one that resonates with your values to introduce it to your followers. Together, let's make a difference!

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Why launch YOÔ Care?

New generations are more concerned than their elders about climate change and current societal issues.
They are willing to change their lifestyle in order to have a better impact on the environment and society, but they do not always know how to proceed.

With the will to keep the human aspect at the core of our work, it seemed essential to us to provide associations with the possibility to promote the cause they champion, and to allow influencers to make their voices heard within their community so that together, we can make a difference.

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In May 2019, the WOÔ agency made the decision to create an Ethics Committee and to implement a Deontology Charter in order to guarantee a complete transparency of actions linked to influence marketing. By creating YOÔ Care for non-profitable purposes, WOÔ & YOÔ go even further by offering an ethical influence, that not only uses the influencers' communities for commercial purposes but also wishes to offer them the possibility to raise awareness in their community regarding climate change and current societal issues.